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  To keep pace with the evolution of the telecom field, we must be at the forefront of the latest innovations so that we can always offer more powerful solutions.

Richard Seyer

Project Manager, Outside Plants – Power & Telecom

Longueuil, Quebec

Richard is fascinated by the constantly evolving nature of the telecom field and has dedicated himself to it for over 30 years. Specializing in the design and planning of outside plants, he embraces the industry’s continual changes to keep designing increasingly powerful solutions.

Richard’s knowledge of technological advancements, in combination with his technical skills, make him a trusted resource for his clients. His expertise and leadership have equipped him to take part in numerous complex projects calling for the collaboration of multiple stakeholders. He has also helped implement an FTTH fiber optic network for one of Canada’s leading telecom service providers.

His enthusiasm and passion for all things telecom related make Richard an excellent trainer. In that role, he has seen to the training of young engineers for a major international contract. 

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