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  Being proactive on projects and providing construction-efficient and operation and maintenance-friendly solutions to the most complex problems is the best thing I can do for our clients.

Ben Shen

Manager, Substation Engineering

Burnaby, British Columbia

Hard work and a proactive attitude have contributed to Ben’s success. For over 16 years, he’s provided substation electrical engineering, transmission system capital planning, and project management to some very complex power and energy projects.

From switchyard arrangement to equipment specifications and detailed studies, Ben is accomplished in anticipating client needs and delivering the best solutions. Extensive experience in system planning and operations makes him capable of evaluating and optimizing project options at different stages.

A resident of Vancouver, Ben enjoys getting outside to play basketball and hit the hiking trails. Preferring public transit to get around, it reminds him of how and what engineering changes the world every day.

What would he say to young engineers just getting their start? Education, a self-motivated attitude, and experience will go a long way in this industry. This is something that Ben can say has contributed to where he is today.

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