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  Technology is driving changes in our practice and roles as professionals. By embracing these changes, we offer our clients better service.

Spiro Sinnis


Markham, Ontario

With the evolution of modern surveying technology including GPS, robotic total stations, and 3D scanners, the bar has been raised for what our client’s expect and what we deliver. Luckily for them, and us, Spiro has embraced this evolution of new technology over his twenty year career as a professional land surveyor and GIS specialist.

From residential communities to oil and gas and transportation projects, Spiro has surveyed, mapped, and measured it all. It’s the variety of the work he gets to do as a surveyor that makes him excited. The Metrolinx South Blair Street/East Rail Maintenance Facility project challenged him as it evolved in area and scope over three years. Oil and gas projects interest him with their complexity and need for accurate spatial measurements of ground-based and sub-surface utility services. No doubt his projects will continue to keep him excited as the practice continues to evolve.         

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