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  The most satisfying part about working on environmental management, site remediation, and R&D projects, is the high client demand—they’re implemented immediately.

Marc Skinner


Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Marc is a senior marine scientist and biostatistician involved in multiple ecosystem R&D initiatives. As a subject matter expert, Marc advises on and participates in environmental projects throughout North America. On the research side, he focuses on environmental monitoring using the newest technologies including remote sensing and environmental DNA (eDNA).

Currently, Marc and his colleagues are leading a multi-year R&D project on aquatic remote sensing using satellites, sonar, and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to map all three of Canada’s coastlines. Their goal? To increase the efficiency and accuracy of environmental monitoring.

An expert in environmental effects monitoring (EEM), marine ecology, sediment geochemistry, water quality, and remote sensing, Marc also aids marine, freshwater, and wildlife projects with design and data analysis. Outside of work, he serves as a Canadian Forces Army Reserve officer, is an adjunct professor at Dalhousie University’s School of Graduate Studies, and enjoys time outdoors with his growing family.

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