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  My job is to help communities protect and restore their water resources, so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

John Smyth

Water Resource Specialist

St. Paul, Minnesota

Our lead aquatic resources and wetland scientist in Minnesota, John’s experience includes wetland inventories/evaluations, delineations, permitting, Wetland Conservation Act technical support, and wetland bank establishment. He has been involved in the design, construction, hydrologic/vegetative restoration and monitoring for more than 50 wetland restorations, and he has designed/installed/inspected more than 200 rain gardens.

John says one of his most rewarding projects was one that involved taking cropland and restoring it back to 40 acres of wetland and 40 acres of upland prairie as part of a wetland bank, especially because it was exciting to see the wildlife move back into the area once restored. Also an expert in bioengineering solutions and shoreline restoration, John has helped restore the shorelines of lakes, ravines and streambanks. His love for water also translates to his free time—his go-to weekend activity is spending time with family on their boat out at the lake.  

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