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  Designing infrastructure with the ability to withstand natural and human impacts is an economic and social responsibility.

Gary Sorge

Vice President, Community Development, Discipline Leader (Landscape Architecture)

New Haven, Connecticut

Gary is an integral part of our resiliency team. As discipline leader for planning and landscape architecture, he understands that resiliency is about public safety and fiscal responsibility, as well as sustaining commerce, recreation, transportation, and environmental infrastructure. With our team of design, coastal, and regulatory specialists, he is committed to infrastructure investment that will withstand the broadening severity of environmental and human impacts and enhance the quality of life in our communities far into the future.

In his capacity as a hands-on principal, designer, and multi-disciplinary planner, Gary brings to our clients a comprehensive approach to resilient public space and site development, an understanding of sea-level rise impacts, a sensitivity to natural habitat sustainability, and an in-depth knowledge of storm preparedness. Over his nearly 30-years of experience, Gary has led the restoration and design of prominent and highly vulnerable landscapes throughout the northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada. Recognized for his work in landscape architecture design and successful collaboration with allied professionals, Gary was elected Fellow with the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2009.

Pleasure Beach Park in Bridgeport, CT; Flowers (City) Park in New Rochelle, NY; and Historic Sunnyside in Tarrytown, NY exemplify Gary’s expertise. Effective public involvement, habitat protection and restoration, flood mitigation, integration of active design features and green infrastructure, public space development, and long-term operational sustainability were key objectives achieved in the success of each of these assignments. With a focus on social, aesthetic, and environmental quality, Gary’s leadership has provided beautiful and resilient landscapes to be enjoyed by all.  

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