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  Having lived and worked in Chattanooga for 20 years, I’m excited to establish a new Stantec location right in the heart of downtown.

Jon Sparkman

Principal, Water

Chatanooga, Tennessee

Jon’s career has involved the design and delivery of a wide range of engineering projects related to water, wastewater, transportation, solid waste, dams and levees. While his work experience may be varied, one thing has been constant, and that is Jon’s commitment to the local community. A lifelong resident of east Tennessee, he’s had the opportunity to make a professional contribution to the region, from transforming two streets in the downtown area from one-way to two-way, making them more pedestrian and business friendly, to designing reliable water and sewer infrastructure to meet the community’s current and future needs. Jon’s personal contributions are evident in the community as well through his involvement in the Chamber of Commerce where he volunteers as a guide for the youth leadership program. He’s a busy guy, but Jon also makes time for fun and games—including coaching basketball at his children’s school.


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