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  As engineers, we apply trained thought-processes to client concerns and solve problems—even when they’re outside of purely technical issues.

Peter Sposato

Senior Principal

New York, New York

Peter knows the value of foresight. Just like in chess—one of Peter’s favorite games—the moves you make at the beginning of a project have a great impact on later stages. Through early-stage engagement, Peter uses scheduling, budgeting, and deliverables management to help clients avoid pitfalls and challenges.

Working to increase our MEP revenue by supporting existing clients and strategically developing new relationships, Peter is a champion of our integrated design services. He focuses on clients with large, high-rise residential projects, hospitality projects, large hotel renovation projects, corporate workplaces, and retail offerings.

Recently, Peter and his team are working on the complete renovation of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue in New York City. The landmarked building contains historical references to past Presidents, and working on it was a highlight of Peter’s career.

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