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  I was inspired by the people and the work we do at Stantec to further develop my passion for the environment. My story is not complete yet.

Julia Stanislawski

Environmental Planner

Calgary, Alberta

You’ve been with Stantec for seven years now. What brought you here, and what has happened since then?

One of my soccer teammates recommended me for a project controls position at Stantec. Since then, my roles have changed many times as I have found new opportunities and areas of interest. My work at Stantec actually inspired the passion I now have for the environment, as well as my interest in mountain biking, since I joined Stantec’s Calgary Corporate Challenge team. While working here, I was supported in pursuing my Master’s in Sustainable Energy Development, and now I am working as an Environmental Planner.

What do you love most about your job?

The people. 100%, hands down. My colleagues are my role models. Each and every one of them has something that I look up to, and try to learn from. We have a very supportive mentorship culture where I can go for coffee with a coworker and chat about their work, learning from their experiences, and they don’t mind taking the time. Another thing I love is the day-to-day variety and complexity in the projects I’m working on. On any given day, I could be coordinating field work, overseeing project safety compliance, writing reports, or preparing permits... No two days are the same.

What are you working toward in the future?

Eventually, I would like to lead projects, and I feel like I have the support and opportunity to do that here. I was lucky enough to find a passion early in my career that I’ve been allowed and encouraged to develop here, and I still have so much growing to do. Even aside from the career opportunity, I just feel like I fit in here. I’m proud and committed to Stantec’s community focus, and I volunteer whenever I can. It’s a good thing when you believe in your company’s values, work with awesome people, and have support to achieve your career goals.

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