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  My goal is to provide innovative solutions to challenging beach nourishment, dredging, and coastal restoration projects.

Matthew Starr


Naples , Florida

Matt’s dedicated his entire career to protecting our coastlines and waterways along the Gulf. He has more than 15 years of experience in coastal engineering, beach nourishment, dredging, shoreline stabilization, ecosystem restoration, and wildlife biology. He’s worked on projects along the coast of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina—providing him with a keen understanding of the region’s coastal needs.

Matt’s contributed to the design and management of numerous coastal projects, including the Collier County Beach Renourishment and Sarasota County Bird Colony Island Shoreline Stabilization. Recently, he’s been supporting clients in South Florida to develop resilient coastal solutions in response to proactive sea level rise initiatives. 

As a professional geologist and a member of the Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals, Matt lives and breathes coastal engineering even when he’s not at work. He’s also a 100-ton vessel captain for the US Coast Guard and a member of the American Professional Captains Association. 

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