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  The word design comes from the Italian word for draw but shares its Latin root signum—“to have meaning." To draw with intent and meaning is vital for achieving architecture.

Tod Stevens

Principal, Senior Design Architect

Berkley, Michigan

With over 25 years of award winning projects, Tod enjoys the exploration of boundaries of order, scale, light, rhythm, materiality, and construction. He’s a sought-after speaker and writer on the evolving roles of libraries, and he sees every project as an opportunity to define and create a unique solution which will enhance the environment. Tod’s love of architecture stems from its ability to envelop the senses and to stimulate the imagination.

Tod was a key part of the team that created the vision for the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons at Grand Valley State University. Initial plans involved a robust conversation on the future of academic libraries, and now this LEED Platinum building is receiving national and international attention for its innovative design. This building acknowledges the importance of libraries to student learning even in the 21st century—and now Tod is leading a number of similar developments in libraries and science buildings.

At Western Michigan University, Tod and his team helped design an update for Sangren Hall that was instrumental in creating a new campus while providing 21st century learning environments. This project was a creation that merged sustainable building practices with stunning learning environments.

Outside of work Tod has two amazing children. He enjoys music and likes to cook, draw, and travel.

By combining architecture and engineering to design better, people like Tod are finding better ways to contribute to our communities.

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<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tbody><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Jonathan Cardello</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>Design is when you go to a project or a location and it tugs at your emotion.&nbsp; You walk in and you feel bound to the space and you can integrate into it. It’s an extremely hard thing to do but when you do it it’s really magical.</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Taryn Kinney</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>We know that our world is changing , I mean that’s the one constant that we have is that it will always change from what we have today. So in order to look at that future and look at that changing landscape, businesses need help from designers who are used to really looking out and creating a better future.</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Christian Owens</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>That's what we're doing.&nbsp; We're designing for our communities. I think that’s what separates us.</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Tamara Roy</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>It combines problem solving with thinking about everything from the client’s point of view, to the city, and the neighborhood and answering that question of “what is going to come and put all of those desires and dreams of all those different constituencies together in one place. So that others come and visit the building and say, ‘Wow. This is an amazing building.’”</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Todd Stevens</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>One thing that I think is really exciting about&nbsp; Stantec is it's a big A and big E.&nbsp; And this idea of architects and engineers working together is really exciting for me.</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Anton Germishuizen</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>I think design has really come of age in the last 10 to 15 years as &nbsp;a tool to help businesses, enterprises, institutions come to grips with their challenges.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Taryn Kinney</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>As designers, we just have that mindset, it's a problem-solving mindset.&nbsp; So businesses need that kind of thinking in order to continue moving the organization forward.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Michael Banman</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>We’re part of a rich history, and we’re participating in that, we’re participating in building societies, in building communities if you will. And design excellence to me is projects that are significant enough to be remembered by the society that they’re built within, by the professions that we practiced within.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> </tr><tr><td width="163" valign="top"><p>Michael Moxam</p> </td> <td width="475" valign="top"><p>Every time I think about a project no matter how small or large, it’s about making the context, the community, the city that it’s in a better place.&nbsp; Yes, we have to solve the specific issues relative to a specific project but we have an opportunity in fact to extend beyond that and contribute in a huge way to the communities we’re in.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> </tr></tbody></table>


I was a panelist at Grand Valley State University’s “Re-think it: Libraries for a New Age” conference in August of 2015

In 2014, the American Library Association asked me to present at their national conference in Las Vegas about how we translated one librarian’s vision into the Mary Idema Pew Library

I co-wrote a do’s and don’ts list on “Creating Collaborative Space” for College Planning and Management

I was talking about reinventing libraries back in 2008 with an article titled “Libraries of the Future” in CAM Magazine

If you’re interested in the five-year trajectory of technology in academic libraries, check out the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report (2015 Library Edition)

Looking to design educational spaces that anticipate changes? Better read
“Recent Trends in General Education Design, Learning Outcomes, and Teaching Approaches” by Hart Research Associates

I’ve taught evening design classes at Lawrence Technological University for 10 years now

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