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  It’s truly satisfying to help design action sports parks that keep kids safe while allowing them to practice a sport that provided me so much joy.

Andy Stone

Senior Project Engineer

Denver, Colorado

As part of our Action Sports group, Andy gets to work on two of his passions: skateboarding and engineering. Over the past 10 years, he’s been involved in over 40 skate parks, contributing everything from earthwork calculations to drainage plans and fine grading. 

Before becoming an engineer, Andy traveled the world competing as a professional skateboarder. He then transitioned into a career as an engineer, developing a deep understanding of the various components of land development. Combining those two careers has given Andy an educated eye for functional skate park flow, as well as the expertise to practically contour a project to a client’s needs.

According to Andy, the most rewarding project he’s worked on is the Oldsmar BMX track in Florida. He’s particularly proud of how he and his team were able to identify potential issues with site drainage and facilitate discussions among all of those involved to arrive at a cost-effective solution based in sound engineering.

When he’s not working, Andy can be found on the golf course or skating with his kids at his local skate park, a half-mile from his house.  

30 years in the making

They both started skateboarding in 1986, shared the same first sponsor, both turned pro at the same time, and now they’re at Stantec.

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<p><b>Andy</b>: There’s going to be a 40 for 40, now it’s going to be a 43 for 43</p> <p><b>Kanten</b>: Andy started skating in 86 when he was 13, I started… I feel like this is a Jeremy Klein / ron chapman thing… he’s 18, I’m 18, um, ya, he was 13 I was 13, I started same year same age. We both turned pro in 1993, we both rode for the same board company and had an ad at the same time for our first time ever having an ad published. I think it’s just weird now how full circle that many years later we’re working together creating skate parks. It’s just kinda crazy. And the owner of that company who put the ad out is actually right down the way here at the skate park, and his son is ripping the park. It’s like full circle.</p> <p><b>Off-camera</b>: You mean that guy right there?</p> <p><b>Kanten</b>: Ya, he was our team manager.</p> <p><b>Andy</b>: That was that slow J Lee jump.</p>

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