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  The variety of work I do makes life interesting. There’s always new subject matter to explore, and that’s challenging—and always interesting.

Jeff Stone

Vice President, Senior Counsel

Rochester, New York

Since joining Stantec twelve years ago in the Sear-Brown acquisition, Jeff has been deeply involved with the growth and development of our Company—particularly in the eastern US. Jeff works as a legal resource to a lot of people, and that means what he works on changes from day to day.

Much of his day is devoted to managing claims, reviewing and negotiating contracts, advising on the Conflict of Interest policy, and helping project managers and other senior staff manage and resolve difficult project or client relationship issues. Among other responsibilities, he also consults with HR on employment matters and with the Benefits group on legal issues affecting US benefit plans. Jeff monitors the Stantec Integrity Hotline and is a member of the Integrity Management Team and the Disclosure Committee. He’s also regularly involved in the due diligence and the integration of many of our US located acquisitions. He oversees a group of six other attorneys located in the US and helps train and mentor new team members.

Jeff believes that to do this kind of work, you have to be adaptable and flexible—you have to be able to manage a lot of different, ongoing things, shift gears from one to another on a regular basis, and constantly set new priorities depending on what hits your desk on any given day.

Admitted to the Bar since 1989, Jeff practiced law as a trial attorney in a private firm in Rochester, New York, for 10 years. These days, he and Susan (his wife of 25 years) spend as much family time as they can with their two grown children, Alexander and Katherine. Jeff is also an active runner and bike rider. 

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