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  Having grown up in a small farming community, I strive to improve the environment and economy of California‚Äôs Central Valley.

Steve Strait

Principal Hydrogeologist, Environmental Services

Fresno, California

Steve is a principal hydrogeologist with more than 37 years of experience in conducting and managing hydrogeologic investigations including groundwater flow and transport modeling, groundwater statistical analysis, hydraulic testing, solid waste assessments, groundwater contamination, and water resource studies. Working in the solid waste field, including nuclear, hazardous, and solid waste, he is keenly aware of the issues and challenges associated with the projects and enjoys bringing together areas of geology, hydrogeology, engineering, and the environment to provide the best possible solution.

While in college, Steve developed a strong interest in speleology (study of caves) that continues to this day. In fact, his first date with his wife was in a cave! 

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