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  I consider surveying and geomatics to be a toolbox full of different solutions.

Mark Strickland

Senior Associate

Calgary, Alberta

Innovation: that’s what surveying is all about. And that’s what drives Mark. He’s continually improving on existing processes to get better results for his clients - combining new methods with emerging technology to rethink conventional workflows.

He is responsible for managing geomatics projects based in the energy sector.

Early in his oil and gas career, Mark co-created a new survey process called under canopy GPS - now the industry standard method for exploration surveys in forested areas, replacing conventional line-of-sight techniques. Trees are avoided or limbed instead of being cut down while producing the survey path. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, this process revolutionized the industry by streamlining schedules and reducing costs for clients, and minimized high risk exposure hours of chainsaw operation.

Mark counts among his most rewarding Stantec projects the pipeline integrity surveys he has managed.  Mark refined client workflows to solidify the location of pipeline sections that needed repair, improving response times and saving costly and unnecessary excavations.

Mark’s interest in applying innovation to the oil and gas industry is what led him to Canada, and he hasn’t looked back since. 

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