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  It’s important not to rush through your design. I make sure to look at everything thoroughly and double check the details.

Michael Sturdevant


Cincinnati, Ohio

Michael has over 30 years of structural engineering experience involving the planning and design of bridges- superstructures, piers, abutments, retaining walls and culverts, cast in place concrete tanks and pump stations. He's also completed inspections of numerous bridges with an emphasis on fracture critical structures.

Michael is passionate about his area of expertise especially when his clients are happy with the work he’s done. His most rewarding project is the Eighth Street Viaduct in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rehabilitating the 70-year-old concrete viaduct, a major east-west collector that connects downtown Cincinnati with the west side of the city, to make travel safer for all residents, had its challenges. But Michael suggests that the most fulfilling part of this project was helping to solve these issues during construction and then ultimately seeing the finished product. 

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