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  I strive to reduce water scarcity and improve water quality.

Vijay Sundaram

Water Reuse Technology Leader

Rocklin, California

Growing up in South India’s textile town of Karur, Tamil Nadu, Vijay personally saw the environmental impacts of contaminated streams and rivers caused by poor management of industrial wastewater. This unique background helped shape his concern for protecting public health and the environment.

A chemical engineer by training, Vijay has 15 years of experience designing advanced water and wastewater treatment systems using physical, chemical, and biological processes. As a resident of drought-sensitive California, he’s focused on creating safe, cost effective, and reliable water sources. He has practical experience planning and implementing fit-for-purpose recycled water projects in the municipal, industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

Vijay and his team are leaders in developing technologies for water reuse, including an Ozone-Biological Activated Carbon (Ozone-BAC) filter that provides safe, treated, potable water at substantially lower costs, particularly suitable for inland communities. Ozone-BAC also produces no salty waste that would require either discharge into the ocean or specialized treatment.


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