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  With strategic planning we can influence shifts in our Stantec practices and externally in the marketplace—improving the decision-making process.

Lourette Swanepoel

Senior Associate

Vancouver, British Columbia

Lourette is a registered professional planner and accredited Envision sustainability professional. With a design background, Lourette started her career in landscape architecture. Over the next 15 years she transitioned into strategic management, working with government agencies and organizations on their strategic sustainability challenges.

Lourette worked with the Province of British Columbia on the award-winning Community Lifecyle Infrastructure Costing (CLIC) Tool. CLIC is a decision-support tool that helps communities proactively assess infrastructure costs during the land use planning process. The tool models the cost implications of land use planning decisions so that communities can make the best choices for their future—balancing upfront costs with ongoing maintenance and other factors. She also certified the first Envision transportation project in North America.

When thinking about the work she and her team does, Lourette says that people should “think big, but understand the steps to get you there.” Outside of the office, Lourette is a Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team volunteer. She helps to build capacity and resilience in her Vancouver neighborhood so that in the event of an emergency (such as an earthquake) they have trained leaders and a clear plan of action.

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