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  I’ve always been fascinated with the human ability to define, quantify, and predict the physical environment—and to use that power to design.

Marc Swett

Fuel Systems Engineering

Scarborough, Maine

Marc is a fuel systems engineer with 16 years of experience in commercial and military fuel facility design, construction, and commissioning. Marc believes that the best way to succeed as a group is to open up the lines of communication and advance the group’s knowledge as a whole.

Recently, Marc was on a project that dealt with storage and dispensing for nine individual fluids used in locomotive and other rail-related equipment maintenance. But the storage tanks were located outside in a northern climate, which meant high viscosities and a reduced performance in cold weather. Expensive heating equipment or insulated tanks weren’t an option, so Marc and his team completed some detailed calculations that would size the piping and equipment to support the right flow rates.

When he’s not at work, Marc coaches a club wrestling team or hits the trails for some mountain biking. But what he most enjoys is being closely involved with his kids, having a strong hand in helping them become great people. “I feel like I get to be a kid all over again!”

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