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  Leadership is in your action, not your position.

Victor Tam

Vice President, Regional Business Leader, Oil & Gas (Canada West)

Calgary, Alberta

Victor is a vice president and regional business leader for our Oil & Gas business in western Canada. A mechanical engineer with over 25 years of industry-relevant experience, he dedicates himself to the professional development of his staff and to helping his team to accomplish goals efficiently.

With a plethora of valued field experience, Victor has frequently held senior management positions, directing multi-discipline engineering workforces to complete projects on time and on budget. His background includes developing large-capital greenfield plans (new projects), though sustaining brownfield designs are most rewarding to Victor. “Learning from actual operating feedback gives us the best chance for future success.”

Victor, who’s passionate about the outdoors, makes a habit of running through every city he visits so he can properly take in the sights. But when it’s time to relax, he is a sucker for the science-fiction genre. Victor loves re-watching the Matrix trilogy and reading his favorite book, Malcolm Gladwell’s Outlier

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