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  Every reclamation job has something unique, and we need to evolve our understanding of reclamation as more knowledge and innovation becomes available.

Natalie Tashe

Senior Associate

Sidney, British Columbia

Natalie’s favorite jobs are the ones where you can see the results on the ground. Whether supporting caribou habitat values on a mine site in the mountains or growing grass on a pipeline right of way in the prairies—her most rewarding experiences are when she gets to see the plan become real.

With over 18 years in terrain and soil science, reclamation, and ecology, Natalie has led teams of engineers, water quality specialists, hydrologists, vegetation ecologists, and wildlife biologists. And she’s been one of the lead scientists involved with the soils and terrain component for a number of baseline and environmental assessments in both the mining and the oil and gas industries.

These days, Natalie is working with AngloAmerican on the inspection and monitoring of three coal exploration properties in northeast British Columbia. Outside of work, Natalie loves interior design, laying out living spaces—she’s decorated the homes of friends, family, and even one co-workers’ office.

Outside of work, Natalie likes to host dinners using the fruits of her garden, travel with friends and family, volunteer teaching children, and in winter, reaches back to her prairie roots. She’s also an avid curler.

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