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  I really enjoy helping our clients meet their requirements in accordance with, what can be, complex regulatory frameworks.

Louis Thanukos

Senior Associate, Environmental Science

Tempe, Arizona

Louis’s 33 years in environmental consulting services helped him better identify strategic approaches to help clients achieve their objectives—from an idea and a piece of land to a fully permitted operating facility.

Recently, Louis has been project manager for an Apache Nitrogen project. This facility, producing fertilizers as well as prill, a blasting ingredient used in mining, has introduced some unique challenges. With Apache planning modernizing 90% of their facilities, Louis and his team have helped them devise a plan for permitting the modernization and to dispose of some aged products via an open burn. These products are too hazardous to be transported off site. Modeling of emissions from the open burn indicates potential impacts at less than one millionth of the occupational safety and health administration limits, effectively eliminating concerns for the health and safety of nearby residents.

When not on the job, Louis loves to spend time, and a lot of energy, with his two children and his grandchildren. He also likes to get out to his cabin near Flagstaff with his wife and spend a little time off the grid, gardening, landscaping, and just relaxing.

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