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  It’s surprising how often the needed technology exists and just hasn’t been applied in our context—yet. With the right kind of questioning, we can solve any problem with elegant solutions.

Aubrey Tucker

Innovative Technology Developer

Vancouver, British Columbia

As the innovative technology developer lead for British Columbia, Aubrey looks after all the major BIM projects. He represents practice technology ability in business development, local education software programs, starting complex models, and setting up collaborative teams. Along with his BIM technician team, he also helps solve on-the-spot project challenges.

Outside of BC, Aubrey and his team are an expert resource for other regions to call on when they need BIM management and support. As a technology evangelist, Aubrey is at the forefront of promoting the integration of technology solutions in our projects. This shows up as a partnership with British Columbia sector leaders, usually in interactive client presentations on how technology could be deployed in future projects.

On top of his usual activities, Aubrey is also currently working on several Stantec creativity and innovation grants. He’s researching virtual reality, augmented reality, computational approaches with generative design, and he’s developing mobile apps—all with the goal of improving our efficiencies and our projects through technology. To Aubrey, this is his most important work, as it keeps his problem-solving skills sharp and his perspective full of new potential workflows.

Recently, Aubrey has tied his passion for art into his work through a partnership with the Museum of Vancouver. There, he’s working on several projects that will showcase our work on Vancouver’s complex urban conservation issues. Outside of the office, Aubrey enjoys creating large-scale, interactive sculptures for music and art festivals. One previous project involved creating a twenty-foot-tall cockroach protecting super computers.

Look for my article on BIM execution planning in chapter six of Canada’s BuildingSMART BIM Practice Manual, due out in 2017.

I read just about every blog I can find on Dynamo workflows with space generation.

I’m also reading Plato’s Republic and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Death by Black Hole.

Mega project collaboration in the cloud? We’ve done it, and we learned from it. I was recently interviewed about our BIM success by the Autodesk media team for publication in AEC Magazine.

I really enjoy volunteering for art programs. When I lived in Texas, it was with Houston CORE, and these days it’s with the Beaumont Studio in Vancouver.


My presentation “Revving the hand drawn redlines” at AU2016 showcased how to leverage BIM360 Team to have a digital redline process with interactive smart boards or my preferred Epson Brightlink Pro with a Conen drafting table. I’m passionate about this topic because it’s utilizing a legacy of drawing by hand in our most experienced practice leaders.

At RTC2016, my presentation “Super Schedules” explored dynamic ways to manage teams in Revit—like work planning in excel to attempt to bring project management into the Revit model and see the active development. Additionally, at RTC2016, Kim Glauber and I presented a case study that utilized parametric modeling and virtual reality to engage the client in the design process.

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