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  Water is our most precious resource and developing solutions to deliver safe drinking water and high quality reclaimed water is our highest calling—at the end of the day, that will become our lasting legacy.

Ashok Varma


Dallas, Texas

With a career spanning more than 40 years, Ashok understands how vital our role is in providing facilities that make it possible for our communities to have access to clean, safe water. He has extensive experience with managing water and wastewater projects, having planned and designed over 70 treatment plants, more than 40 pump stations, and a variety of conveyance systems. His diverse background also includes pilot studies, training and value engineering activities, and O&M manuals.  

His ability to understand and respond to the specific needs of each client allows his team to consistently deliver facilities to the highest standard of quality. He strives to serve the needs of his community and exceed client expectations by providing creative solutions such as the inventive application of technologies like ozone contact, membranes, nutrient removals, and pilot plants. 

A particular highlight throughout Ashok’s career has been mentoring young professionals and engineers who have gone on to become leaders in the water industry. He seeks to understand what excites and drives the young professional and help them understand that career growth requires continuous learning, delivering excellence every day, capitalizing on available opportunities, and seeking added responsibilities.

Another source of joy for Ashok is having access to books, and during his free time he enjoys browsing through his local library. He finds this to be an enlightening and peaceful experience—especially when he can get his hands on a good mystery novel! 

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