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  You don’t have to dig deep in the earth to find the energy we need to survive. Blowing wind, flowing rivers and warming sun are easily accessible for those with the passion to harness them.

Mike Voll


Waterloo, Ontario

Mike Voll has a deep passion for innovation and creative application of engineering principles.  From his early career in machine automation and control systems to his recent entrenchment in the Ontario power market with many renewable energy projects, Mike’s strength has been pulling resource teams together to solve new and  evolving technology challenges through focused recruitment, staff resource development, cross-discipline collaboration and fiscally responsible project management principles.  With over 25 years of professional experience, Mike’s recent power projects include program and team management roles for clients such as Samsung Renewable Energy, Algonquin Power, Northland Power, Toronto Hydro, Hydro One and Penn Energy Renewables.  With the emerging rehabilitation of Ontario’s energy market, Mike will be working hard to help shape the face of Stantec’s Ontario power practice.

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