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  The great thing about Stantec is everyone has an opportunity to be part of the solution—from project issues to internal discussions, we can all make a difference.

Betsy Watson

Senior Principal

Raleigh, North Carolina

Betsy’s numerous years of experience in transportation and traffic engineering design have revolved around quality results and exceptional leadership. She’s worked in both the private and public sector, which has provided her a unique understanding of traffic engineering design and project management, including client interaction, quality control, and design team leadership.

For the past several years, Betsy has successfully managed a fast-growing traffic group as well as a wide range of complex projects. Her professional and personal commitment to the transportation practice and forward-thinking take on projects like superstreets and diverging diamond interchanges leave her well-respected among her peers.

Betsy’s commitment to client satisfaction truly sets her apart both internally and externally, providing a credibility that is only seen in those with a fiery passion for what they do. 

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