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  One of the best parts about digging downtown is the questions—people are curious about the older versions of their city that hide beneath the pavement.

Thanos Webb

Project Archaeologist

Markham, Ontario

A project archaeologist as well as a member of the Ontario Archaeological Society, the Society of American Archaeology, and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Thanos spends a lot of time in the past. With 25 years of experience working with academic institutions and private firms, Thanos has garnered a great amount of expertise, and he’s specialized in zooarchaeology, marine archaeology, and urban archaeology.

Overseeing the management of archaeological projects within environmental services, Thanos is on-task whether he’s mobilizing field crews, talking to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport, writing reports, or engaging with First Nations communities.

Capitalizing on a long-cultivated familiarity with downtown Toronto, Thanos has been instrumental in a number of urban projects including the recent excavation of a Toronto parking lot. There, he and his team found mid-19th century privies preserved by newer foundations. The trove offered up over 13,000 artifacts.

In Thanos’ line of work, knowing a little bit about what people valued can tell you a lot about how they lived. It’s that sort of story that he’s excited to find any time he cracks open a new site. 

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