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  We work on meaningful, aspirational places that bring people together, strengthen community, and foster joy, wonder, and memories.

Larry Weeks


Boulder, Colorado

Cities exist for people to exchange goods, services, and ideas. Larry works on the ideas. How to best serve a client’s needs or how to design a place—a master plan, a resort, a sports arena, an airport—where people can enjoy the time they spend there. To that end, Larry’s job is to present audacious concepts in a compelling fashion, winning new clients and inspiring existing clients to take exceptional action.

Larry works at the intersection of design and developing new business, ensuring that his group has a steady flow of new, culturally relevant projects, but also maintaining his edge as an established senior architectural designer in his own right. He’s received many design awards from organizations around the US, and he has extensive national and international experience in architectural, interior, and environmental design.

Larry focuses on fostering meaningful, memorable user experiences in the public realm by harmonizing his team’s design disciplines from architecture to interiors, landscape, and branding. For example, when Western Union wanted to update their global headquarters to improve retention and recruitment, Larry and his team tapped into Western Union’s history, global presence, and innovation. After using interior-design storytelling to connect the dots between an employee’s everyday work and a life-saving money transfer for a client, Larry and his team also improved office connectivity by working on collaboration and social zones within the headquarters.

To secure the resiliency and longevity of his clients’ work, Larry looks to experiential design. He’s always asking how a space can improve a user’s interactions, experiences, and memories. “Humans are creatures of the edge,” says Larry. “We love the unexpected. We love discovery.” 


At the ICSC Centerbuild Fall conference last year, Carlo Ciampoli and I along with our client iFLY talked about how social success translates into economic success—how making iFLY’s services cater to experiential values helped them improve their business.

After we completed our overhaul of Western Union’s global headquarters, CoreNet Global came for a tour. As a speaker, I showed how we’d used Western Union’s personal client impacts to energize their employees, building a story around the people whose lives those employees help.  

Look for more insight into experiential retail in an upcoming VMSD Magazine article that I contributed on.

We create places for people to come together on multiple scales—from storefronts to cityscapes. In Jeff Speck’s book Walkable City, Jeff talks about how we as designers can create cities that are safe, vital, and interesting enough to be enjoyed on foot. 

After we won an ICSC general brilliance award for retail design, our story was referenced in the New York Times, and then picked up on NPR. Daniel Aizenman and I went on air and explained how we saw the future of retail—not just about buying things, but about searching for an experience. Retail centers, in the future, will be more diverse, look different, and serve social connectivity at their hearts.

I’ve served as an instructor at the University of Colorado and at the Art Institute of Colorado.


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