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  For me, contributing to the community is important. By doing what I do I feel like I’m improving the lives of the people around me.

Mike Wilkin


Reno, Nevada

Mike is a water guy. From operating and supervising surface water treatment plants of all sizes, to designing groundwater treatment plants, Mike is improving the water supply in his communities in one way or another.  Over the past 30 years, he’s worked as a plant operator and design engineer, giving him a unique perspective on the design and operational needs of water system installations. By understanding how plants operate, he can design them better.

Mike considers himself a design management engineer, specializing in project development, client management, and solving for the big picture. One of his most rewarding projects was the Glendale Water Supply Improvement Project. It was the team effort that made this such a successful project. Focusing on the community’s requirements for river restoration and recreation, as well as the water agency’s need to supply water, the result was a project that benefits the entire community. 


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