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  Avoid working in a silo by bringing in your experts when you need to. Together you can work hard and still have time to play.

Bob Wilson

Principal, Sector Leader, Environmental Services, Oil & Gas (US Upstream/Downstream)

San Luis Obispo, California

A day at the office isn’t exactly like surfing, but Bob is used to negotiating tricky waters. Directing our upstream/downstream oil and gas environmental services in the United States, he has experience managing environmental, engineering, decommissioning, construction, and geotechnical projects in remediation, spill response, permitting, safety oversight, and construction management.

As the lead for large portfolios of oil and gas project sites, Bob knows that it comes down to the people on the team. He drives quality assurance oversight to keep everyone on the same track and isn’t afraid to add new skills and expertise to the mix. In the same way that surfing demands that you understand the conditions to be successful, knowing the oil and gas clients and our team at Stantec is essential to Bob. STORMSURF and NOAA on his web homepage prepare him to hit the waves, while the insights of his team keep things flowing in the office.

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