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  Few realize the danger that flooding poses in the desert. The work I do raises awareness so our community is prepared.

John Wise

Managing Principal, Senior Water Resources Engineer

Tucson, Arizona

John has always been drawn to the movement of water. Whether it is ocean waves, currents of the Great Lakes, or fast-moving rainwater in the desert, the way that water flows and moves across the earth fascinates him. In mapping flooding hazards, John sees the damage water can cause to property and infrastructure. By informing the public about these projects and building the associated infrastructure improvements, there is potential to save lives.

For John, the interactions with clients, public, and other team members are the most critical as well as the most rewarding part of being an engineer. His favorite project, Lee Moore Wash Basin Management Plan, involved multiple jurisdictions with diverse interests. That project’s success hinged on stakeholder awareness and buy-in of flood control development criteria. “We had a great team and we had fun.”

Speaking of having fun, in his spare time John enjoys heading up to the mountains with friends, golf, bowling, and Michigan football.


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