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  Adaptability is an important trait in this line of work as trends and new processes are constantly emerging.

Claire Woodside

Associate, Planner

Calgary, Alberta

Claire creates places where people want to be. As a community development planner with almost 10 years of experience, she helps her clients to establish welcoming environments that engage people to make the most of what their community has to offer.

Implementing public meetings and group collaboration, Claire unites community members to determine shared interests and develop a picture of what their community should aspire to look like. She works to find common ground between the varying views of stakeholders, navigate through the approvals process, and create the best outcome for all parties involved.

With a focus on outline plans, statutory plans, zoning, land use policy, and downtown redevelopment, Claire encourages her clients to proactively address challenges. The result? Livable, functional, and social spaces created in communities across Alberta.

Away from work, Claire makes the most of her community by spending time at the Brentwood Intercare facility where she crafts with seniors.

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