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  By understanding our clients’ needs, exceeding their goals, and delivering on our promises, we build trusting, mutually beneficial client relationships that lead to new and challenging opportunities together.

Peter Wreglesworth

Senior Principal

Vancouver, British Columbia

Peter is a client-focused generalist architect, and his professional strength comes from his 46 years of broad leadership experience in a wide range of projects and delivery methods. He attributes a lot of his success to being able to select the right team for each project and supporting them well, enabling them to be successful in meeting his client goals and firm commitments.

With a focus on personal relationships and exceeding expectations, Peter’s project experience is primarily in urban mixed use, retail, officetTowers, and University and College projects. Over the past few years, Peter has led the Commercial Development sector for Stantec Architecture in British Columbia and until the end of 2015, Canada. This role involved supporting projects through strategy development, assisting with building the right teams, and specific commercial pursuits and client development. He continues to support the new commercial leadership team.

In his 42 years as a principal architect, Peter has acquired the experience, judgement, and skills required for leading the procurement, creating the design strategy, and overseeing the project delivery of many complex projects. Significant projects completed or in progress under Peter’s executive and/or principal leadership over the past 32 years total in excess of $3.85 billion in non-escalated time-of-tender cost.


In 2015, I was asked to moderate the Mayor of Vancouver’s Annual Address to ULI British Columbia. After his address he and I engaged in a 30-minute dialogue on affordable housing and then I solicited questions from attendees.

In 2013, I was asked to be a panel member for ULI BC’s Infrastructure Series, specifically “Buildings in 2050”—looking forward to 2050, what issues will shape our world and how will these issues shape building design?

As moderator two panel sessions (“Vancouver as one of the world’s most livable cities, the Vancouver brand” and “Revolution of Successful Mixed Use Development”) for three panelists at the ULI 2014 Spring Meeting, I introduced each panelist, highlighted their focus, and coordinated and participated in post-presentation dialogue with attendees.

Technology ever moves forward, and books like “The Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos” by Neil Turock chart our course and give us perspective.

The City of Vancouver has invited me to serve on the Vancouver Urban Design Panel (UDP) for four two-year terms. I’ve also served as chair of the UDP and as an advisory member of the Development Permit Approval Board as the UDP representative.

I have served as the Mission Advancement chair and as a member of the Management Committee for the Urban Land Institute (ULI/BC).

In my home community, I’ve served as a member of the Board of Variance for 12 years.

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