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  I feel lucky to get a chance every day to apply science and engineering in a way that contributes to the management of our precious water resources.

Dan Yoshisaka

Regional Discipline Leader, Hydrogeology

Edmonton, Alberta

Dan believes we all have a stake in keeping our water resources clean, and that the challenges affecting our water are only becoming more complex and interconnected as our society grows. To provide solutions, Dan applies geological sciences, engineering principals, computer models, and mathematical equations to evaluate potential impacts on groundwater resources, remediate contamination, and look for fresh and saline groundwater supplies for domestic, commercial, and industrial uses.  

As the regional discipline lead for hydrogeology, Dan was part of the environmental impact assessment team that evaluated the effects on groundwater for the Shell Quest Carbon Capture Storage project, a technically challenging process that strives to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint from Alberta‚Äôs oilsands. 

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