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  Geomatics is about getting information right. By doing things right the first time we better serve our clients, saving them time and money.

Vincent Ziegler

Senior Associate

Red Deer, Alberta

Vincent has seen a lot of change since he graduated with survey diploma in hand some 40 years ago. He started his career using a mechanical calculator and natural trig tables. Today GPS and laser scanners are commonplace. Vince‚Äôs advice to those just starting out? Never stop learning. With the acceleration of technology and information in the Geomatics field, those starting their career today will be using technology in the future that has not yet been invented. 

Vincent practices what he preaches. From those days without modern technology to now, his career continued to evolve including legal survey for land development, water, and oil and gas projects across Western Canada. From large high profile projects to smaller ones he finds each rewarding, a chance to share his expertise with the team. Legal survey is often one of the last items required to complete a project and Vincent enjoys telling a client that their subdivision is registered or hearing that we have done a great job. 


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