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Setting a standard to prioritize lift station repairs

Sanitary and Stormwater Lift Station Assessment Tool

Municipal clients come to Stantec for help identifying and prioritizing lift station repairs. Normally, this is like comparing apples to oranges, but our tried and true Lift Station Assessment Tool evaluates hundreds of criteria within functionality, condition, maintainability and safety categories to create a consistent standard of measurement. This allows us to provide data that our clients can use to determine whether their infrastructure is in need of change, repair or maintenance.  Not only is this process scalable for any type of project, it saves clients time and money.

Watch the video below to learn more about Stantec’s unique Lift Station Assessment Tool from Chris Mountenay.

Sanitary and Stormwater Lift Station Assessment

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>Chris Mountenay</p> <p>Senior Associate, Water</p> <p>&nbsp;“The Lift Station Assessment framework is a method by which we use hundreds of criteria to score and evaluate lift station facilities, those are both storm lift stations and sanitary lift stations. What this does is allows us to rate the lift stations in terms of its original design criteria and develop a rating, a score, a numerical number that can be looked at by anyone and be understood in terms of how good the station is compared to its original design condition.”</p> <p>“When we come to site, what we are looking for is a whole range of equipment, of safety issues, or hazardous materials, of mechanical, of electrical, of structural items to make sure that the stations are really in the form that they need to be for our municipal clients to be able to use them.”&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>“Those things that we are looking for we also score on in terms of its functionality, that is does it work, its condition, what does it look like, its safety, it is okay to operate and can the people be safe when using it, and its maintainability, can people get to it to fix it if there is a problem.”</p> <p>“And what this provides is a vast amount of data that the client can look at in the future if they make changes to the station or even over time to see if their equipment and their facility is deteriorating.”</p> <p>“What it gives them is a single score, one point of reference on which to prioritize the facilities and their need for replacement, repairs and maintenance.”</p> <p>“Once you have the transparent protocol you end up with an objective scoring result that can be demonstrated to anybody as to how that result has come about. What the leads to is a reduction in bias of traditional scoring methods.”</p> <p>“We already have this built and it can be rolled out anywhere. Stantec has the disciplines, it has the expertise to be able to use this in any location where Stantec operates. And one of the great things about this project, this program, is that we can adapt it quickly and easily for even local client interests. If there is something that is a little different about your facilities, we’ll be able to handle it quickly and easily without having to recreate the whole program.”</p> <p>“It’s very easy for us to adjust for any type of sanitary lift station, storm lift station, pump station or even broader scale facilities.”</p> <p>“We have a protocol that is good for the client. We have lots of positive feedback on the work that we have done and the system that is in place because it’s fast. It’s very fast for us to get our team together and to complete the work scope. It’s a competitive advantage for Stantec, we can do this cost effectively and the protocol is proven. It’s worked time and again.”</p> <p>“Stantec has the tools to deliver. We have the expertise to make your project a success.”</p>

Chris Mountenay

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