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My Stantec Story: Meredith Noble, from the pits to a purpose

Turns out, helping clients find funding for their projects is Meredith’s #MyStantecStory. What’s yours?

By Meredith Noble, Anchorage, Alaska

I knew I’d hit a new low when I applied to Pita Pit as a marketing coordinator—I’m allergic to wheat and can’t even eat a pita!

So I took a novel approach to my job search. I interviewed engineering thought leaders to ask about their career paths and what advice they would offer their younger selves. Many enlightening conversations later, I landed myself a position helping clients secure funding as a grant writer at USKH Inc., an Alaskan multidiscipline firm.

Then USKH was acquired by Stantec in 2014.  I employed the same interview tactics that had helped me land my first job. I reached out to (and interviewed) Stantec leaders across various disciplines and geographies, and quickly discovered a company-wide demand for helping clients secure project funding. Inspired by the potential, I created a plan to grow grant-writing services Stantec-wide. I approached it as though I was building a business within a business.

Two years later, the funding services program is rapidly growing.  Company-wide, Stantec is helping communities develop funding strategies, pursue competitive grants, engage the public, and bring ideas to reality. I feel a lot of satisfaction knowing the grants we secure make amazing projects possible, whether that’s helping construct a skatepark, assess a former brownfield site, or develop a renewable energy project.   

The best part about working for Stantec is getting to work on really interesting projects with the best and brightest. My advice to others about joining Stantec is to reach out to others in different offices and disciplines and ‘interview’ them. Learn about their professional history and interests.  It’s amazing how those little connections can lead to big opportunities. 

Find out more information about Meredith here.

And, to start your Stantec story, visit our careers page

Learn about their professional history and interests.  It’s amazing how those little connections can lead to big opportunities.

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