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Learning & Development

Stantec provides programs to support professional development including a wide range of activities such as technical conferences, independent study, seminars, internal and external courses, and workshops.

Professional development is an important aspect of maintaining personal excellence. 

Stantec employees maintain and develop their skills, learn and adapt to change, and develop their careers at every level with the strong support of the organization. We provide learning opportunities to increase personal and organizational effectiveness through a variety of formal and informal methods, including internal training courses, eLearning, attendance at conferences/seminars and events, professional memberships, coaching and mentoring programs, and on-the-job learning.

Career Development

Stantec puts people first – which means an ongoing commitment to our employees’ career and personal development. It’s central to employees’ success and to the success of the company.

Stantec’s career streams help employees define their career path – whether it be in business management, project management, or developing technical skills to become a subject matter expert. All streams are equally important and are designed for career management based on employees’ unique skills and preferences.

While maintaining licenses and professional development is an individual responsibility, Stantec is committed to helping employees successfully meet professional designation license renewal requirements and promote the common goals and values within each profession. Many of our training courses and activities are eligible professional development activities toward recertification requirements with professional licensing boards.

Career Development and Performance Review Plan (CDPR)

Our annual career development planning process helps our people set clearly defined goals and objectives. Employees have the opportunity to measure their contributions and achievements with their leader through assessments and review. These one-on-one sessions help fine tune individual contributions, identify career development and training opportunities, and establish strategic performance objectives.

On-the-job Development

Our project teams work on a mix of projects and with a broad range of clients. From small community-focused initiatives, to large and on-going multi-faceted projects, employees will be working with the industry’s best professional leaders and technical specialists.

Global Opportunities

At Stantec, our people may have the opportunity to cross geographical lines to take on new challenges with teams across Canada and United States, the Caribbean, UK, India and 4 offices in the Middle East.

At Stantec, there are opportunities for global and collaborative work experiences, teaming up with talented people in locations around the world.


An engaged, results-oriented, and team-based work environment requires excellent leadership. Stantec provides a range of courses, and access to tools and resources to leaders to consistently demonstrate strong personal and team results and organizational leadership competencies.  

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring opportunities provide Stantec employees with the guidance and support to help reach their full potential. It’s a two-way relationship with both partners gaining significant benefits, both personally and professionally.

Tuition Assistance

Continuing education is a challenge for working professionals, but it’s an important part of furthering talents and knowledge. We support employees’ efforts and dedication with a tuition-assistance program.

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