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Vancouver International Airport

The start of something good

Richmond, British Columbia
Stantec (formerly Architectura)

It’s a story that started 20 years ago. The Vancouver International Airport needed an architect for their new International Terminal Building (ITB). But the market was shifting: the Canadian airport system had recently been privatized, and airport owners and operators were looking for ways to change their terminals from processors of people and baggage to experiences that residents and visitors alike would enjoy and remember.

Stantec had no experience in airport terminal design at the time, but won this commission because we anticipated where the market was going. Our experience designing attractions meant we were skilled at creating destinations, and our retail expertise meant we knew how to maximize revenue potential through design.

Two decades later, we’ve designed over $1 billion in construction value at the airport. Each project builds on the strong sense of place we incorporated into the original ITB. And the results are a continued Top 10 ranking in a wide variety of airport industry surveys, including Skytrax, where the airport most recently ranked #1 in North America, for the third year in a row. 

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