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What do we talk about when we talk about resilience?

Extreme weather events like Katrina, Irene, Sandy, and the Alberta floods—plus droughts, economic downturns, infrastructure decay, aging populations, hackers, earthquakes, terrorism, and more—draw our attention to a growing movement in architecture and engineering: resilience. So what do we talk about when we talk about resilience? We believe resilience is the capacity of people, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems to endure, adapt, and thrive regardless of chronic stresses and acute shocks that occur. Stantec’s work—professional consulting in disaster response and recovery, resilience assessment, mitigation, and design—unites infrastructure, environmental, and quality of life improvements to advance community resilience across the globe. We deploy emerging approaches such as the planning and assessment tool Envision to help our communities evaluate, measure, and track progress towards resiliency.

  • 5K
    freshwater turtles saved
  • $15M
    EPA Grants
  • 11K
    Gallons of water saved per day


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Changing the conversation around resilience

A resiliency agenda should be an urban agenda,” according to Stantec Urban Place Group leader David Dixon

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<p>David Dixon: Resiliency is important to me because environmental resiliency is going to capture a lot of attention and a lot of investment. And I want to marry that attention and investment to an urban agenda. A resilience agenda should be an urban agenda.</p> <p>You know, let's not protect cities that can't compete, that are forcing their poor out to distant suburbs, that have outdated transit systems. Let's use the fact that we now are going to worry about rising sea levels and drought and protect ourselves from this, and spend a lot of money, let's use that money to make our cities more livable, greener, more environmental responsible also.</p> <p>Every dollar spent on resilience, should be a dollar spent on building community.</p>


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