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Aboriginal Partnerships

At Stantec, we recognize that we are better together.

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    partnerships across canada

Strong, long-lasting relationships allow us all to reach our full potential.

Creating successful Aboriginal Partnerships requires an understanding of the intricacies of the community, common goals, and mutual respect. Stantec has been using this recipe to create Aboriginal Partnerships across Canada’s North since 2000. Through these businesses, Stantec’s partners and clients are able to benefit from the opportunities related to the abundance of natural resources that exist in the North.

Leading the Way to Successful Aboriginal Partnerships

Operational areas of partnership.

Stantec is the minority partner in 7 partnerships across Canada’s North, combining local culture and experience with technical capabilities and expertise from professionals to deliver quality services to clients across the North. Sustainable development in the North requires a commitment and understanding of culture as well as and understanding of the economic, environment, and social challenges. By pursuing a commitment to the principles of sustainable development, we can attract and retain the best partners, clients, and talent. Capacity building is supported in communities through employment, training, direct investment, and a commitment to community investment initiatives.

An example of one of the training initiatives we are committed to is ECO Canada’s BEAHR training program, which has been conducted through our Aboriginal Partnerships.

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