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Major Canadian Financial Institution-Buildings Condition Assessment Program

Creating a scorecard and a playbook makes property management easier

Countrywide, Canada

A major canadian financial institution asked us to conduct an expert assessment of their facilities to help them put together a scorecard for their extensive portfolio of properties. A key advantage for us was our ability to provide national coverage through the staff from our extensive network of offices. While we are providing teams all over Canada, we realized the best way to serve our client was to appoint a portfolio manager who was responsible for ensuring a level of consistency for all of our work. We also created and implemented a manual that created a common language for our staff and client to work from so everyone was on the same page about tasks and work terms.

Using this approach, we sent teams out to examine the condition of retail and office facilities. We identified the expected remaining useful life cycle of building systems and estimated cost of building components. We turned everything over to our client n a data based format. This information allows them to prioritize their annual capital budget and spend to ensure that they are directing funds to priority projects, highest need, or best return on investment. 

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