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East Point Wind Power Development

Harnessing sustainable energy for Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

This project involved the installation of ten Vestas V-90 wind turbines capable of generating 30 MW of clean, sustainable energy. Our preliminary geotechnical investigation involved a series of test pits to help select the wind turbine/crane pad locations and access road alignment. A detailed geotechnical borehole investigation then took place to further define subsurface conditions.

The site included areas with compressible organic soils and a near-surface groundwater table—so our primary design challenge was to select the most cost-effective foundation system for these conditions. Large-scale spread footing foundations were selected. Two footing sizes were utilized depending on soil and groundwater conditions encountered at each turbine location.

We provided materials testing services throughout construction, including subgrade inspections and field density testing for access roads and crane pads, subsoil inspections for the turbine foundations, and reinforcing steel inspection. We developed concrete mix designs and provided full-time testing services during concrete placement of the turbine foundations and pedestals.

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