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Edmonton International Airport - Lighting Design

Lighting the way home

Edmonton, Alberta

In a busy airport like Edmonton’s, improving the passenger experience is of paramount importance. For the new terminal expansion, we used lighting techniques to enhance the architectural design, improve safety and security, ensure code compliance, and to improve wayfinding.

Adding a total of 14 new gate positions, a trans-border waiting area with a retail food court, enlarged US pre-screening area, and expanded international and domestic hold rooms to an operational airport is no small task.  Innovative and creative lighting systems support the architectural vision of minimalism and sustainability, and our rigorous design evaluation returned substantial energy savings.

On the interior, the terminal feels like it has the perfect amount of light at all hours of the day, achieved via automatic sensors which balance artificial and natural light in the concourse. Lighting design enhances the passenger experience, providing visual cues at key decision points, such as gates, where brighter lighting directs travelers intuitively. Light effectively marries the new and existing structures seamlessly, so passengers have no idea they have travelled into a new space.

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