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Enbridge Integrity Team

Half a decade of integrity support

Edmonton, Alberta

Around 2011, Enbridge decided to restructure their safety and integrity programs and associated teams. At that time, Cimarron Engineering had a small team of integrity specialists providing support to Enbridge on an as-needed basis. Just about a year later, Cimarron was acquired by Stantec, so with the addition of our Edmonton offices and new skill sets in the Stantec Integrity team, the program support role was created and Stantec resources became more embedded within the Enbridge team structure.

These days we have a robust team that handles data analysis and trending for Enbridge’s integrity programs, supporting their in-house team’s long-term planning focus. This work keeps their operations running smoothly, prevents accidents, and reduces costs. We’ve provided over five years of integrity analysis to the Enbridge Integrity Team on more than 5,000 kilometres of transmission pipeline in both Canada and the US, and we contribute over 30,000 person hours of support and analysis every year.

Recently, Enbridge has called on our diverse workforce of specialists to complete initiatives such as data management support, regulatory filing support, and stress analysis projects. With this ongoing relationship, Enbridge has access to a wide variety of on-demand resources during times of increased program activity to ensure decisions regarding safe and reliable operations are confidently handled every day. 

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