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Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Designing to help kids heal, understand and grow with their disabilities

Toronto, Ontario
Montgomery Sisam / Stantec Architecture

Building on children’s natural curiosity and wonder, the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital features 20 special art installations created by local artisans and children. The artwork weaves a story about the site, nature, community and history, celebrating destinations and providing landmarks within the building to encourage children to journey and discover the building.

All of the spaces are designed to integrate the treatment technologies as naturally and invisibly as possible to help kids forget they’re in a hospital and do what kids do best – laugh, smile, and play. The building’s warm materials – limestone, zinc, and wood – and gentle sloping roof form a natural connection to the ravine running along the north end of the building. Unlike the ravine, the roof and terraces are completely accessible to all children with disabilities.

7,000 kids visit Bloorview every year with the goal of learning to overcome and conquer their disabilities. It was our goal to create a space where they could maximize their potential and create a fulfilling relationship with the wider world.

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