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Ragged Lake Transit Access Connector Roadway

Sustainable civil engineering infrastructure constructed with recycled scrap tires

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, Halifax Regional Municipality and Stantec are leading the way in Canada for tire recycling by using locally-available TDA, a civil engineering construction material made from used vehicle tires and produced in accordance with ASTM Standards (6270-08).

The egress access ramp connected a new transit facility to an existing off-ramp lane of Highway 103. The vertical profile alignment of the proposed access ramp included a depression approximately 250 meters long that was graded with TDA. We completed engineering design and prepared specifications for tender and provided quality control and instrumentation services to monitor the performance of the TDA. This way, we could determine maximum compression of the layer for further fill placement and pavement installation.

In total 8000 cubic meters of TDA material was used in the project – that’s equivalent to three quarters of Nova Scotia’s average tire production per year. Beyond the environmental benefits of TDA, the fill was less costly than imported fill and its properties are not impacted by wet weather conditions during construction.

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