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Rail Development Feasibility Study for Kamistiatusset (Kami) Iron Ore Mine

Up for the challenge

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

When Alderon Iron Ore Corp. was exploring the feasibility of developing a new iron ore mine in Western Labrador, Stantec conducted scoping level and feasibility level studies that would contribute to the preliminary economic assessment and technical report. The Kami Iron Ore Mine will produce up to 16 million metric tons of iron ore concentrate per year, which will be transported by rail to the Port of Sept-Iles in Quebec. Based on our work on this study, Alderon asked our rail team to meet a new challenge: develop a rail alignment in rugged terrain.

Using detailed surface geology, 3D-HD mapping, and geotechnical information our team developed a feasible rail alignment over 25 km of Canadian Shield terrain to link the mine location to the Quebec, North Shore, and Labrador Railway. The team also completed detailed rail traffic simulation of the existing 400 km rail route to the port at Sept-Iles to determine additional infrastructure requirements for the new traffic. Cross-functional collaboration with the other ongoing work was an important component of project execution. Continuous communication with our environmental and mining teams was essential throughout the project.

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