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Sandy Hill Flood Control Project

Storing stormwater in a community park within a historic neighborhood required a creative solution

Ottawa, Ontario

For years, residents of Sandy Hill, one of the oldest and more prominent communities in the City of Ottawa, had suffered from chronic surface and basement flooding. With the implementation of a creative stacked stormwater storage facility, residents are enjoying dry basements for the first time in decades with a revitalized park as an added benefit.

Imperceptible to the public, a 3.3 million gallon underground tank manages excess flows from within the sewer system, preventing combined sewage from backing up into basements. A 1.1 million gallon surface water detention area lies over the tank, separated by a sub-drain system of perforated pipes and four foot layer of engineered soil. The grassy pond manages excess stormwater runoff for rare storm events, and can be used as a multi-sport field in the summer and an ice rink in the winter.

Using the park centralizes the flooding solution within the community, reducing the impact to outside areas. The project integrates a significant green infrastructure element within a traditional grey infrastructure system, providing a highly effective flood control function along with significant enhancements to an existing public space.

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