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St. Albert Safe Journeys to School Initiative

Everyone home safe, every day

St. Albert, Alberta

Every student should have a safe trip to and from school. In the aftermath of a sobering student accident and many near misses, St. Albert decided to look into making it safer for young scholars to get around.

But any plan for change is only as good as the information on which it is built. To find out what the people of St. Albert thought should be done to improve student transportation safety, the City and prime consultant TranSafe Consulting Ltd. brought in Stantec’s Community Engagement team

To reach as much of the community as possible, we deployed four different consultation tools: focus groups, open houses at local schools, questionnaires for parents and students, and an online site that cultivated discussion and engagement. We acquired candid feedback on the issue from over 1,000 people on possible improvement to transportation infrastructure, public education, enforcement of traffic rules, and other sides of the problem.

The resulting report helped the City develop a school transportation safety plan for all of St. Albert as well custom plans for every school in the area. The in-depth responses gathered by our team let us offer suggestions on everything from how to improve use of the school bus service to better design of streets and parking lots in the future. 

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